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Guides (So you don’t look like a Noob!)

Everything you need to get started playing the most awesome server in the world is located just below. So go on and scroll! Scroll to you heart's content.

Have you ever wanted to level up skills like your mining then unleash a supercharged pickaxe on the stone between you and your diamonds? Well there are five classes you can choose to play with. They range from Miners to Warriors.

Getting your class is awesomely simple.
1. First you must choose the class you want. Read details on each class here
2. You must then commence the life of your class and gather he materials listed on the class page.
3. Once you have the materials, follow the below map to the class selection area.

  1. Once there you must enter the building for your class. Place your items in the chest and click the chest, this opens the gate to proceed.
  2. Then complete a short puzzle and right click the sign at the end.
That's it! Simply teleport to spawn with /spawn once you have right clicked the class sign.
Notice before your name your class is written. In example a paladin has the [P] tag preceding your name.

PvP Arenas
We currently have 2 separate PvP arenas. Use /warhub to get started. Then walk through one of the 2 portals to choose your map. Your inventory items are saved and returned after the match. All weapons for the PvP are provided in the games. The current maps are as follows, The Garden and Trenches.

Mob Arena
Fight on coming waves of mobs in the mob arena. Type /ma join to join the lobby for the mob arena.
Once there right click the signs to select your class the.
Then right click the iron block to say you are ready. When all players are ready the match begins!

Spleef Arena
Spleef, the game invented in minecraft. Very simple; be the last one standing on the platform to win!
Use /joinspleef- Joins the spleef arena
Use /startspleef - Starts the spleef the game.

RP World

Want to play through an adventure with your friends? Well, there's nothing finer than playing through the RP world! Each quest was made on Stormcraft for Stormcraft and has many fun puzzles to think and fight through alone or with a friend.

Hot Air Balloon Travel
As you may have already seen. The balloons straight in front of spawn are your fast ticket to many great cities. If you wish to live in a player run city these balloons take you there fast! Just stand in the ballon for 1 minute and be wooshed away to your chosen destination!

Voting for the server on minestatus is a great way to show your love for SC. You can vote one time every 24 hours It also comes with some neat perks. Please note that to get all the perks listed you must be logged into the server when you vote and you include your user name CaSe SeNsItIve on the voting page! Heres the perks! Vote Here
  • 100 Bolts
  • Potion Effects Buff - You get potion effects applyed to your character. (Speed IV, Haste IV, Stregnth IV, Regeneration IV)
  • The apreciation of baffu :D

Stormcraft's currency is bolts! Bolts can be used either by using a shopkeepers shop, or by paying somone directly. There are a few ways to get bolts, here they are:
  • Vote - Voting for the server on minestatus will get you 100$
  • Mobs - Killing creepers and endermen will grant you money
  • Events - Special events on the server have prizes in bolts!

Help Tickets
If you require help from the staff, and none are avalible when you need them, then submit a help ticket!

Heres How:
  1. Use the command /modreq (your message)
  2. Wait 1-2 days for your ticket to be dealt with

  3. When should you submit a ticket?
    • Your home has been greifed, you need a mod to roll back the damage
    • You suspect somone is breaking rules

Team Speak
Come talk to us! Or do you just hate typing? Download the free teamspeak client and join our teamspeak server at ts.stormcraft.ca:9229 Here you can speak with your fellow players!

  • /p - Toggle party chat (Note: Party members can not be on seperate teams for PvP games as friendly fire is turned off for party members!)
  • /party <party name> - Join the party with the given name, or create it if the name is not taken
  • /party q - Quit your party
  • /cast <spellname> - Casts the spell of your choice
  • /invite <player name> - invite a player to your party
  • /accept - Accept an invite to a party
  • /party lock - Stop users from being able to join your party, requires an invite
  • modreq <information> - Submit a help ticket that the staff will see and review
  • /afk - Sets your status to away from keyboard
  • /compass - Shows your compass direction
  • /help <helppagenum> - Displays the commands you have
  • /sethome - Marks a location that you can return to with …
  • /home - Teleports you to your home
  • /list - Displays a list of all online players
  • /who - Displays a list of all online players
  • /mail <read/send/clear> <message> - Manages your mailbox, send mail when a player is offline
  • /me <message> - Lets you speak in the third person
  • /motd - Displays the login lessee again
  • /msg <playername> <message> - Sends a message to a player, use this when they are online
  • /ping - Returns the message pong.
  • /rules - Displays the server rules
  • /tpaccept - Accepts a teleport request
  • /spawn - Teleports you to the server spawn
  • /joinspleef - Joins the spleef arena
  • /startspleef - Starts the spleen
  • /pvpworld - Teleports you to the factions pvp world
  • /warhub - Teleports you to the WarHub
  • /ma <join/leave/spectate> - Join leave or watch a mob arena battle
  • /cprivate - Locks your chest so only you can open them
  • /lwc - Displays information on chest locking
  • /cast <spellname> - Casts the spell of your choice
  • /helpop <message> - Alerts all online operators that you need help


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